Mystic Inane - “Natural Beauty” ep (Cleta-Patra)



The 6th and maybe post-humous? release from this NOLA punk squad. I don’t know if it’s true but if so it’s a hell of a send off. The swagger just jumps off the needle from the first “YEOW!” and jaunty angled guitar note. Instantly reminded of bands like Morbid Orchestra and if Dee Dee Ramone sang for the FU’s “preskool dropouts”.
I read a review online that called this record cartoonish, I don’t know what other records that reviewer listens to but I think if anything this ep really shines a light on how boring a lot of modern releases can be. It’s a brick wall against boring music.
I bought a ticket to see DeeDee Ramone sing a boxing ring in 2002, it never happened, but if it did I can’t imagine it sounding better than this. 4 tracks 45RPM