the Moving Pictures "Fake Books" [klp278/prnl40]

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Fake Books is a co-release presented by K and Perennial

Tremolo Babylon
Reverb soaked 4th generation calamity days
Now that every day is truly like Sunday
Feedback as language
Flip your Bass Drum on its head
“Fail at anything long enough and you’re a legend”
Worshiping any sound you can lie in
9 songs 33RPM

Recorded in a mix of self produced home sessions and continued
teamwork of the seminal Olympia Engineer Capt.Tripps Ballsington
(Milk Music, Ribbon Stage, Gun Outfit, CC Dust).
Recorded by Hayes Waring and Capt. Tripps Ballsington
Mixed by Capt. Tripps Ballsington
Mastered by John Golden

1. Loved One
2. Flowers on the Wall
3. Nothing Fades (Like Love)
4. Raton
5. Holiday Ennui
6. Obliteration Room
7. Crush Box
8. No Name
9. Late Dahlias (Bonus)