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NUTS! Is a massive, fold-out fanzine printed on newsprint featuring music, art, writing, interviews, scene reports and photos. Many issues come with posters and include multi-color pages. Originally created in Olympia, Wash. by Ben Trogdon, Nuts! has spread to NYC and across the globe.

Nuts! #2: Interviews with Sex Vid and Broken Strings, lots of cool photos, “The American Work Experience” by Carrie Keith (Gun Outfit), secret lake, experience through vision.

Nuts! #3: Poster issue, art and photography, band pin-ups, a Milk Music interview (their first!), Olympia restaurant reviews from Judd Taylor (Dom America).

Nuts! #4: Cover by Lauren Likely. Interviews with Nodzzz, Hell Woman, White Boss, and Mae Kessler & Sam Kates-Goldman (on dance performance). A history lesson from Tobi Vail (Bikini Kill, Spider & The Webs, Frumpies), reviews, art, photos, more!

Nuts! #5: Cover by Rueben Storey. This is the first travel issue, recapping a trip across the U.S.A. Interviews with Brilliant Colors, St. Dad, Justin Clifford Rhody, and The Spits. Art, photography, comics, and more.

Nuts! #7: Musicians interview their parents on their impression of the Women’s Movement (awesome), art, photography, comics, an interview with local beer brewer Tony Powell, the Blue Iris Mystery School, food reviews, a recap of a Lil’ Wayne concert in Oakland. Band interviews with Living Eyes and Bone Sickness (featured on the cover).

Nuts! #8: Milk Music tour journal. Interviews with Jean Nagai and White Wards. Kanako interviews Anna Mink. Show reviews. Photography. Art. Much more.

Nuts! #9: This issue comes as five full-size fold-out newsprint posters. On the back of one is an awesome "Secret History of Olympia Girl Punk" article by Tobi Vail (Bikini Kill, Spider & The Webs, Frumpies), which is a real treat!

Nuts! #10: Another beautiful newsprint-poster issue of Nuts. Highlight: a Grass Widow poster, with members' likes and dislikes on the back. Also: the story of an 80's Fartz show turned into mayhem by the Seattle Police (turns out they've always been like that!); an L.A. hardcore scene report from Silenzio Statico; 90's NYC street punk, interviews, photos, art, and much more.

Nuts! #11: Interviews with Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, La Misma, Deformity, Yusuke Okada. Poster art by Sam Ryser and Heather Benjamin, and so much more.

Nuts! #13: Cover by Mini Fats. Interviews with AJAX and Goosebumps, Weird Luke interviews himself, Christmas with GLUE, giant fold out posters by Eugene Terry & Laura Pall Mall.

Nuts! #14: Zach from Gas Rag talks about his job, “Rancid” Dave Morse reviews the New York’s Alright Fest, and Gustavo Rivera writes about NYC nightlife. Warthog, S.H.I.T., GAG, and more.

Nuts! #16: West coast report, show reviews, comics, photos, and interviews with Nandas, Vanity, and Sheer Mag, plus: a break-up survival guide insert.

Nuts! #17: Alex Ratcharge interviews Good Throb, DX from Distort/Total Control writes about NYC, interview with Mark Winters of CCTV/Coneheads, record reviews, art, comics, Perfect

Nuts! #18: Cometbus, Jeff's tattoos, Mommy talks trash, Beau Richie comix, COMETEES color foldout!