Morgan and the Organ Donors- "M.O.D.s" LP


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Morgan and The Organ Donors - " M.O.D.s"
The M.O.D.s are rockers.
There are many storied tales of bands discovered in some forgotten record crate
but no such tales of one in such plain sight.
Morgan and the Organ Donors have been playing almost exclusively at one lone Olympia bar every December for the last decade.
Featuring Bikini Kill's Tobi Vail, COCO's Olivia Ness, and Famed Husband and Wife Team of James Maeda and Sara Peté,
their songs belong in the pantheon of Pacific Northwest Standbys
such as the Wipers, Dead Moon, the Wailers.
11 tracks 33RPM .


Featuring Tobi Vail (Bikini Kill, Frumpies, Spider and the Webs and The Real Distractions) as well as scene stalwarts James Maeda, Olivia Ness (C.O.C.O.) and vocalist Sara Peté.
Recorded live on a 1/2” 4 track and mixed by Capt. Tripps Ballsing- ton in Olympia WA.
This release continues the rich tradition of DIY bands crafting instant pop hits entirely on their own terms, which has long been the hallmark of the Olympia Underground.
Look for the video for singles “Letter”, “Freeze The Time”, and “Motel Lights” And a show or two....Whatever happens it is quite assuring that whatever these times may bring bands can still put out music as good as this LP.
800 vinyl copies.

Sara Peté: Guitar, Vocals
Olivia Ness:Bass, Vocals
James Maeda:Guitar
Tobi Vail:Drums