Almond Joy - “Oh Henry!” EP



this is international pop underground vol. CXLIXI
Almond Joy Oh Henry! is a co-release between Perennial and K

Almond Joy - "Oh Henry!"
“Purveyors of the San Francisco Sound”
4 tracks 45RPM .

Almond Joy are the celestial comet heading the West Coast Pop Revival.
Featuring a cohort of Bay Area scene stars Jordan Almond (Rays, The World), as well as Muzzy Moskowitz (Froogie’s Groovies, Color Green), Tika Hall (Warp), Staizsh Rodrigues (Children Maybe Later), Britta Leijonflycht (Rays, Galore) , and Pat Thomas (Cool Ghouls).
Recorded by Jordan Almond Pantalone, mixed by Maxwell Mercier
with additional mixing to 1/4” tape by Capt. Tripps Ballsington in Olympia WA.
Mastered by Amy Dragon