3 CASSETTES - Joey and John, K.G.D., and D.A. Terence


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prnl034 D.A. TERENCE - New Age Traveller CS

Olympia Techno Domestic and M.PIx member produces new tunes for future mobility and future displacement. 6 tracks c32.

prnl035 Joey and John CS

Joey Casio and John Root. 2 tracks c10.

"These recordings were made the first or second time Joey and i ever actually hungout. He came to portland from olympia to play music because we both were trying to be in Sewn Leather so we wanted to build some chemistry and get to know each other. These songs did not lend themselves to be Sewn Leather material so I wrote vocals and sang. Musically I only remember that the song Accidents arose from our shared interest in Chris & Cosey. I grew an immense friendship with Joey after this music was made. We toured together driving through 30 states. We lived together in 2 different cities. Its funny that it began with these recordings. The last time I spoke to him he really wanted to start a nonprofit school of electronica. We talked about making music again but I never got the ball rolling. He is one of my best friends and he taught me so much about life like music and politics such as justice for marginalized communities. He was a champion for LGBT rights and was an encyclopedia of knowledge. He was a master of puns and story telling. He had a voice that reverberates in my mind and laugh that was contagious. He may be the best person I will ever have the chance to be friends with. I am truly a better person for knowing you." - John Root

prnl036 K.G.D. - Solo Suite for Oscillators

What comes after GROWING? After TOTAL LIFE? Solo Suite for Oscillators. K.G.D. Kevin G. Doria
4 tracks c45.

All proceeds from "Joey and John" will be forwarded to the Ghostship Fire Relief Fund